Industrial LED lighting


Doublepower has been saving lighting costs in industrial world since 2007. Czech perfectionists of lighting systems with a strong team of top-notch technicians provide the best available lighting systems.

ALUTERN supplies aluminium bodies and boxes for these extremely durable and high efficiency luminaires.

Aluminium profile for industrial led luminaire

Aluminium profile for industrial led luminaire

Aluminium profile for the driver of led luminaire


Enclosures for terraces and pools


Alukov has been a high quality manufacturer of solar, swimming pool and SPA enclosures and bioclimatic pergolas since 1995. As a founder of "IPC team“ association bringing together pool and patio enclosures manufacturers and sellers, Alukov is a leader on the EU market with its own Research and Development center and a number of patents.

ALUTERN is a supplier of high precise aluminium profiles, which are the key building parts of their innovative, reliable and timeless products.

Aluminium profile for pergola

Aluminium profile for pergola

Aluminium rail for pergola




Diamant Unipool is the leading traditional Czech manufacturer of plastic or stainless steel swimming pools and custom-made enclosures for pools. Their innovative production process ensures very precise constructions.

ALUTERN supplies aluminium profiles for custom-made pool’s enclosures, which meet the highest standards regarding to their strength and surface treatment.

Aluminium profile for pool enclosures

Aluminium profile for pool enclosures

Structural aluminium profile for pool enclosures


translucent, LED lighting

DoublePower is a Czech manufacturer of lighting systems. Their innovative approach to lighting is supported by in-house development and a strong team of top technicians.

Roofing of swimming pools and terraces

Alukov, a manufacturer of roofing for terraces, swimming pools, swimming stadiums and hot tubs, is proud of its three production programs. They are an innovator with their own technological development and several patents.


Bilsing Automation is a global supplier of automotive press and body tooling (EOAT) as well as a developer of injection moulding material handling solutions.


BTL Industries is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical and aesthetic equipment, with direct branches in more than 70 countries.

interior lighting

Halla is a Czech manufacturer of quality LED interior lighting, known for its award-winning design, tailor-made solutions and first-class service.

industrial, interior and led lighting

TREVOS is a major European manufacturer of linear fluorescent lamps and energy-saving LED lamps for industrial and office use.

Aluminium fences

The Lamark company is a leading Czech manufacturer of quality maintenance-free fences, entrance gates for pedestrians and vehicles, and bioclimatic pergolas.

Roofing of terraces

Roll-Lamell is one of the leading shading technology companies in Hungary. The quality of their products meets the expectations of the times and new developments contribute to the innovation of the profession.

Roofing of swimming pools

Diamant Unipool is a leading traditional Czech manufacturer of plastic pools, stainless steel pools and custom-made pool covers. It offers pools in plastic-stainless steel and plastic-aluminium.

balcony constructions, glazing of loggias

Alumistr is a manufacturer of aluminium railings and glazing systems for balconies and loggias. We offer quality, comprehensive and professional services.

Roofing of swimming pools

The company J.F.C. operates primarily in the field of swimming pool roofing. Thanks to our own construction of very robust aluminum support profiles, we achieve one of the strongest positions on the market.

industrial and interior lighting

INGE Opava is a Czech manufacturer of fluorescent and LED lighting for administrative complexes, shopping centres, schools, industrial plants and medical facilities.

automotive industry

The Zambelli group of companies develops system solutions from metal for the areas of roof drainage, building cladding, shelving systems, industrial metal processing, caravanning, and heating technology.

balcony constructions, glazing of loggias.

The DuoTech company is one of the largest in the field of production and installation of loggia glazing and balcony railings, especially for panel houses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The Vezeko company focuses on the production and service of truck trailers and commercial truck bodies. It is one of the leading manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

automotive industry

ACL Automotive focuses on providing innovative technical solutions and manufacturing high-quality and reliable longitudinal and transverse roof racks.

industrial, interior and led lighting

Hormen is a manufacturer of design, interior and exterior lighting, emergency systems and central batteries. Develops customized lighting fixtures

led lighting

THOME Lighting is a Czech manufacturer of LED lighting for industry, warehouses, offices, sports fields, schools, extreme operations, tunnels, airports and public lighting.

roofing of terraces

The FUTUROL brand pergolas are electrically powered folding movable roof pergolas with remote control.

window systems

RI OKNA is the largest Czech manufacturer of windows and doors. It offers customized windows and doors, glazed aluminium facades, shading technology, blinds or shutters and garage doors.

pool accessories

Vágner Pool is the largest manufacturer, importer and distributor of pool technology, pool accessories and pool chemicals in the Czech Republic.

interior doors

JAP FUTURE is a leading Czech manufacturer of building enclosures, sliding doors, pull-down attic stairs, interior and exterior customized spiral staircases.

aluminium radiators

The ASSMANN WSW Group is a global systems provider for standard and customized connectors, cable assemblies, heatsinks and assembly services.

gate systems

Elba is a Slovak manufacturer. It operates 4 divisions – fittings, gate systems, tool room and surface treatments. It exports its products to more than 20 countries.