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We specialize in the distribution of premium aluminium materials. Determined to achieve synergies, we optimize and streamline our processes and deliver the highest quality product. ISO 9001-2015

We build our growth on a combination of high-level skills, core competencies, professionalism, individual approach and personal commitment.

In the world of aluminium, we offer flexible services and seek long-term solutions that add value and contribute to the success of our clients.

We work with the 100% recyclable material of the future - aluminium. Its production from Aluminium scrap requires only 5% energy compared to the production of aluminium from the basic raw material Al2O3. This ensures its low environmental impact and low carbon footprint.

Production with focus on high quality standards and technical perfection in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 16949 certifications.

Production process


During the design, we focus on gathering the necessary technical information, setting clear goals and securing the necessary production resources.


Documentation plays a vital role in our service delivery process. It includes technical proposal and quotation, which are important for transparent information sharing.


The prototype’s production starts on documentation’s approval by the client. It is a key step in the process of introducing a new product into serial production.


Serial production is aimed at achieving a high level of efficiency. With careful planning and process optimization, we strive to minimize unnecessary delays and costs.


Our priority is the fast delivery of aluminium materials. In this way, we ensure a smooth course of subsequent production processes for our clients.

Prototype delivery in 4-6 calendar weeks.

Serial production in 3-4 calendar weeks.

Some projects may require more time to find a compromise between client expectations and efficient production.

To speed up the production process, it is important to know:

  • Requirements for the final quality of the aluminium profile.
  • Requirements for manufacturing tolerances.
  • Area of application of the manufactured aluminium profile.
  • Production volumes.
  • Surface treatment and finishing specifications.